Riccardo Tomasello - Micromagnetic modeling and simulations of spintronic devices including
non-trivial magnetic textures

September, 09 at 11:00 (MSC)


Magnetic materials are indispensable enablers of today’s technology with a number of applications including storage media, magnetic sensors, permanent magnets, detectors and more. The behavior of magnetic materials is usually described by means of a theoretical approach known as Micromagnetism. The equilibrium static configurations of the magnetization are obtained by minimizing the micromagnetic energy functional, while the magnetization dynamics are studied by means of a PDE called Landau-Lifshitz equation. Simple problems in Micromagnetism have an exact mathematical solution, while more complicated scenarios require the use of numerical simulations (Computational Micromagnetics) which has become a crucial tool for the theoretical investigation of magnetic structures. Micromagnetism has also recently experienced a large spreading and expansion due to the advent of Spintronics and its related spin-transport effects. In this lecture, we will give an overview of the fundamental concepts of Micromagnetism together with its numerical implementation, as well as show the basics of Spintronics. We will describe uniform and non-trivial magnetization textures, their static and dynamic behavior and the resulting technological applications. Eventually, we will show how spintronic devices and related magnetization dynamics can be used as building blocks of Neural Networks.