School in brief

Intensive Training School

Join our school in order to get practical skills in working with data and building data-driven models, as well as to become familiar with modern tools in this area.

School Highlights

One week of lectures and tutorials to learn new skills

Interactive classes and communication with students from different parts of the world

Guidance support from the school team

Possibilities to expand your network

2 ECTS and a certificate


Being beyond the hype of Machine Learning: Trust, Fairness and Transparency as a Sauce for your ML salad

Unit leaders:


Klavdya Bochenina, PhD, Associate Professor of ITMO University

Sergey Kovalchuk, PhD, Associate Professor of ITMO University


Unit is aimed at mastering competencies for applying modern ML methods and techniques to achieve high quality, reliability and scalability of solutions for real-world problems in different domains.


Trends and Challenges in Modern Deep Learning

Methods for Trusted Machine Learning

Intelligent Technologies for Recommender Systems and Decision Support

Mining of Domain-Specific Textual Data

Machine Learning for Complex Networks


Brewing the data: lactose-free data-milk for your ML capuchino

Unit leader:

Anna Kaluyzhnaya, PhD, Associate Professor of ITMO University


Unit is aimed to train advanced knowledge and skills in usage of well-known popular methods and design of own approaches for data preparation, correction, transformation, etc. in ML life cycle.


Statistical properties of datasets that are good/bad for data-driven modelling

Methods for data preprocessing, “cleaning” and anomalies detection

Methods for unsupervised learning and pattern recognition

Methods for synthetic data generation